Click on the icons for more detailed information. We offer a wide range of computer services; if you need something not on this list please give us a call.

Data Recovery

Custom Computer Design

Ok, so you didn't make a backup, and your Hard Drive has just burst into flames. Don't worry just yet; let one of our trained technicians take a look at it. Don’t give up on those important documents and family photos.

Data Transfer

Data Backup

New computers are great, but having your data is even better. Even the fastest computer is worthless without it, and data hides in more places than ever these days. Don't waste your time hunting all over you computer, bring it in to us and we'll transfer it all.


Hardware Troubleshooting

Computer won't cut on? Does it sound like it's grinding coffee? Is it driving you crazy? Just bring it in and we will run a full battery of diagnostics to determine just what is wrong with the system. You are under no obligation to fix it - but at least you'll know what is going on.

Installation Services

Custom Computer Design

Will Office simply not install? Maybe you're having a problem setting up Outlook. Want to add a new DVD burner? No matter what the issue is, we can handle it. Even if you just plain don't feel like running all the installers, bring to us. Relax, and let us handle your PC.

Network Configuration

Network Setup

Wired or Wireless, Highspeed or Dial-up - if you need to get connected, we are here to help. Home networking is no longer a problem. We even support wireless printers and Network Attached Storage. If that new router is giving you a headache; call us.

PC Optimization

Data Recovery

There probably isn't a system out there that couldn't benefit from this service from time to time. It's kinda like an oil change for your computer - it just keeps you running. We'll eliminate startup programs, clean temporary files, remove broken registy keys and useless programs. Don't tolerate a slow PC - give your system the boost it needs.

Remote Support

Hardware Troubleshooting

If you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to carve out time to crawl under your desk, unplug your computer, and bring it in to us. That's why we now offer Remote Support. If you have an internet connection, we can fix your PC remotely. And you won't even have to get under your desk.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Virus Removal

Pop-ups driving you crazy? How about that new "anti-virus" program you don't remember installing? Not only does this slow down your PC, but it also puts your credit card, email account, and personal computer life at risk. Don't become a victim - call us before it's too late.


Windows Installation

Virus Removal

Upgrade to Windows 10 today! It's faster, smarter, and more secure. Don't delay any longer. Did a virus blow up your system? Sometimes the best policy is to just wipe it and start over with a clean slate. No matter what version you had - it's no problem.

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