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Virus & Spyware Removal

Viruses and Spyware can bring your computer to its knees. Remove the infection – save your PC!

What does Unitek’s Virus and Spyware Removal service include?

  • Removal of Adware, Spyware, Viruses and other Malware
  • Manual Registry scanning and editing
  • Rootkit detection and removal
  • Check of Hosts file and LSP Stack
  • Repair or replacement of existing Anti-virus
  • Full deep-scan of all drives with multiple cleaners
  • Immunization against thousands of known bugs

Deep clean your PC.

Klez, Code Red, Nimuda, MyDoom, Bagel, Sasser, Conficker, Vundo, Olmarik, Cryptolocker. No this isn’t a list of 80’s metal bands; it’s a list of some of the most destructive viruses ever created. At Unitek, we’ve got the tools and talent to remove even the most deeply-hidden viruses and save you from data loss or a full Windows reinstallation.

Very few things are worse than a computer virus. It can erase your data, slow down your computer, initiate endless pop ups and make your life miserable. Be careful removing them yourself – many modern viruses are designed to look like parts of Windows, and many “security products,” are nothing but viruses in disguise.

Don’t let a virus rule your system. Kill the pop-ups, remove the adware, secure your data, and regain control of your computer. Let us help you do it – today.


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