The real reason the tortoise won.

Don’t let a slow PC hold you back. Bring it in and let us turbocharge it.

What does Unitek’s PC Optimization include?

  • Analyze startup and service items to eliminate slow boot times
  • Survey and update system drivers for maximum performance and functionality
  • Remove hidden temporary/junk files to free storage space
  • Check power management and individual device settings for highest performance
  • Sweep damaged or invalid registry keys for greater reliability and speed
  • Advanced disk defragmentation for quicker file access and load times
  • Optimize page file sizing to reduce lag in applications

Why Use Unitek’s PC Optimization Service?

Time takes its toll on everything – including your computer. You may change the oil in your car, but what are you doing to take care of your PC?  Let our trained technicians optimize your system by sweeping away temporary files, removing broken registry keys and trimming your startup entries. We’ll check for any slow downs, and let you know if you’ve got a program that is hogging your computer’s resources. Unitek can significantly boost the power and stability of your PC.

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