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Need to share a connection? Want to make sure your files are secure? Call us.

Why should I let Unitek configure my network?

  • We can help plan and build wired and wireless networks.
  • We can help you purchase the right router, switch, or access point.
  • We can secure your network to prevent unauthorized access to your connection and files.
  • We support wireless scanners, printers, and all-in-ones.
  • We can boost wireless signals and improve overall network health.
  • We can configure file sharing and remote access.

So you just got Comcast or FiOS – now what?

Network security has become a very big concern as we’ve seen the propagation of broadband and WiFi. There are a lot of open networks out there; and we understand you may not care if someone piggy-backs on your internet connection, but did you realize that an open network can also allow someone to rifle through the files on your PC or pretend to be you while they commit crimes online? It happens, and we know because we get called in the for the aftermath. Don’t put it off, let a Unitek technician come out and secure your network now.

Even if you already have a secured network, we can help you get the most out of it. Maybe you need to share files between systems and you’re tired of e-mailing documents. Did you just buy a new wireless printer, but can’t get it hooked up? Are you having connection issues in some parts of your home?

Regardless of what you need – from network security, to routers, to home servers and wireless printers – we can help you make good choices and handle all of your networking needs.

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