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Computer won’t turn on? Is it too slow? Would you like to find out why?

Why Use Unitek’s Computer Diagnostics Service?

  • Diagnostic fee is only charged if no other work is performed
  • Applies to hardware troubleshooting
  • We will analyze your system and advise you as to the best course of action
  • Covers both laptop repair and desktop repair

What’s wrong with my PC?

If your system doesn’t work, and you don’t know why – you might just be in need of our diagnostic service. We’ll check hardware to try and determine what’s keeping your system back. The best part? Once we discover the problem, we’ll waive the diagnostic fee if you choose to let us fix it. It’s almost like getting free service.

We offer the service for desktop repair and laptop repair, and it covers hardware troubleshooting. No matter what’s wrong, our computer diagnostics service will tell you exactly where the problem lies.

Remember, the sooner you bring in your system, the sooner we can have it back to you. Don’t delay, pick up the phone now!

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