Let us transfer your important data.

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A new system is great – but even the fastest machine is useless without your data.

Why should I let Unitek handle my data transfer?

  • Standard transfer includes Favorites, My Documents, My Pictures, My Music, My Videos, Outlook & the Desktop folder
  • Secure transfer of files between machines
  • We will verify that all files transferred correctly
  • Backup discs can be provided at your request (optional)

Let us transfer it all.

Buy a new laptop or desktop? One of the biggest challenges is just getting your data over to your new machine. It’s not technically difficult, but there are so many places data can hide these days. Don’t settle for just transferring “My Documents,” let one of our technicians perform a data migration, and make sure you get all your data. We’ll transfer data from all of the standard locations, and we’ll check your system for Quickbooks and Quicken data files too.

Even if you didn’t purchase a new laptop or desktop, there are still plenty of reasons to consider this service. Maybe you need to upgrade your hard drive; maybe you just want a backup of your computer. Whatever the reason, Unitek can handle your data transfer.

Need something transferred that’s a bit unusual? Just make sure to tell us when you check your system in, and we’ll make sure we grab it.

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