Only the best parts.

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Is it wise to buy a cheap system if it costs you in lost data or downtime?

Why should I choose a system from Unitek?

  • All systems use industry standard parts from big names like Intel, Seagate, Crucial and others.
  • All systems are built in-house by experienced technicians.
  • All systems are benchmarked and burned in to check for defects before delivery.
  • We install no bloatware, adware, spyware, or programs that you don’t need.
  • All systems carry a one-year standard parts and labor warranty.
  • We are an Intel Gold Member and a Microsoft partner.

The best parts make the best PCs.

A Unitek Computer in a Cooler Master case

The value of a machine is not what it costs, but what it can provide. By using only the best parts from the most reputable manufacturers, our systems can provide a lot. We’ve had a few people tell us that they were “done with PCs.” That’s understandable – many PC systems are buggy, slow, and unreliable – but not ours.

It’s not just about the parts either – it’s about the craftsmanship. When you get a system from Unitek, you’re not just pulling something off of a shelf – you’re getting a machine that was built with pride by local technicians. Every wire is meticulously placed, every component thoroughly tested. Our systems don’t leave our shop until they are done. Period.

A Unitek System in a Corsair Crystal case

If the parts and workmanship wasn’t enough – you also get our service. Aren’t you tired of calling a foreign country? Time and time again, we’ve gotten calls and e-mails from customers just telling us how much our service means to them. All new systems include a one-year hardware warranty. If you have a software issue, just call us up and we’ll remotely connect and take care of it.

In short, our systems are more reliable, they are faster, they do more, and we back them up with our service. Unitek is a differet kind of system builder, and we’re waiting to build you your next new computer.

Tempered Glass Case

A High-Powered Unitek System In In-Win Tempered Glass


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